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Short History

For the first three years Mojito lay anchored off glorious white sandy beaches in the Abacos during the winter sailing season. Each summer returning to Port Canaveral for haul-out and maintenance during the hurricane season. She participated in the 2011 ARC Atlantic Rally. Sailed 5 735 nm that year. From Great Guana Cay in the Abacos, to Hampton VA, Bermuda, Azores, Madeira and Cadiz in Spain. Becalmed for 5 days in the Atlantic high 500nm from Azores, she played with dolphins. Orca whales swam under her stern. Those five days, her engine ticking over at 1400rpm. At a gentle 4 knots she glided quietly over a heaven kissed sea.  Landfall after 1800m in the Azores. A lush green landscape of ancient volcanic craters. Paradise lost. Her owners spent two months sailing between the magical nine islands.  She surfed at 11 knots through the treacherous Straits of Gibraltar. Where wind whip up from zero to 25kn in minutes.  That was a long year and when her owners arrived in Palma de Mallorca, 130nm off the Spanish coast, they said; ‘Let’s stay here awhile’. That year they sailed and played about Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Cabrera and Formentera. That was also the first and only time she was covered in a blanket of snow for 4 crystalline days. 2012 Mojito found herself in Barcelona. Later that year returning to Gibraltar in order to legally clear out of the EU. Turning around and heading for the Cotè du Azur, France.  Mojito is a ‘lucky boat’. The infamous Cape Hatteras, crossing the Gulf Stream six times to the Bahamas and the seventh time to Bermuda, Bay de Leone, Straits of Gibraltar and Messina. These she all managed to cross in smooth glasslike seas.  2012 and 2013 Mojito sailed the Mediterranean. South coast of France, West coast of Italy, Tuscan Islands, Corsica and Sardinia. The winter of 2013 she ‘lived’ in Rome on the hard. her owners back home on South Africa. 2014 Mojito sailed the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ischia, Capri, Amalfi. Floating one morning under an inky black sky at 3am. A hundred yards off the oldest lighthouse in the world. Stromboli, an active volcano that guided Odysseus (and us later that week) through the Straits of Messina. She saw and heard red hot lava expelled from the carter and splash into the sea with a hiss of steam. Her deck covered in fine black sand, eons old.    2015 she made her home in Sicily – sailing to Montenegro to exit the EU. 2016 Varazze, Italy

Mojito is perfect for cruising. She sleeps 6 people in comfortable and luxurious surroundings. Owners took extraordinary care of the boat. So much so that no-one can believe she is 8 years old.

Detailed log kept of travel and maintenance done

Sails effectively used for  4 years.

2009 : January to June – St Augustine, Florida Coast, Abaco’s

2010: November to June – Bahamas and Cape Canaveral, Hampton, Virginia, USA

2011: Atlantic Crossing: Hampton to Cadiz, Spain. Via Bermuda and 4 Azorean Islands and Madeira Island

Straits of Gibraltar 23 August 2011

Palma de Mallorca, 2011 to 2012

2013: Barcelona, Bay de Leone, South of France, Italian west coast, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia, Rome

2014: Rome, Ponza, Isola di Procida, Amalfi coast, Aeolian Islands, Stromboli

2015: Sicily Marina di Ragusa

2016: Sicily to Varazze, Italy

Total distance sailed: about 13 000 nm.